Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul: Stubbly Dooright

Bullying is absolutely terrible.

Having been bullied myself in elementary school was hard. For 2 full grades it was everyday. It so happen that not only was she a girl I went to school with, but a church member also. And her parents turned the blind eye to their daughter being able to be capable of such things.

The worst part was, on top of being bullied by this girl, she would also pretend to be my friend. I was 8, and always struggles with making friends. I didn’t understand how she could be so nice to me when it was just me and her, but so ruthless and mean in front of her other friends at school.

So despite the differences with this girl in the story, bullying is bullying. The victim regardless, feels beat, hurt, and alone.

When she gets a cat from a veterinarian her teachers husband runs, my heart just melts. She doesn’t pick just any cute cat. She picks one who has a deformity of a leg missing. Oh my heart.

The joy that it brings this girl is so overwhelming. It was such a perfect idea for her.

The ending was so touching that I was borderline crying. (Thats not something i usually do with books)

I have always enjoyed reading these books. It first started with CS for the teenage soul. Now i have one for mothers, women, sisters, pet lovers, and cat lovers.

Happy Reading

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