Red Sparrow *Movie Rant

Ridiculous. *trigger warning: rape:

1 star

Imo: it was bad

I appreciate the warnings they have in place for movies. Like a trigger warning system.. and this had said there would be rape. Ok. I’m watching it at night when my kids are asleep because thats when i usually watch shows for me due to any chance or nudity, violence and sexual content thats not appropriate for them to see. Its mommy time.

I fast forward through the ridiculous scene and push play. Three times I did this. The movie isn’t even 2 hours long if I remember right, and I barely made it half way through.

THANKS for the warning. But seriously


Who wants really watch a woman get raped not once, twice, but THREE GOD DAMN TIMES?!?!?!

not okay. Seriously outraged by this.

Rape is:

  • not to joke about
  • A serious matter
  • Happens too much
  • Not entertaining
  • Complete bullshit

Im going to look up directors, producers and creators and no longer support them.

Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and she is a powerful character despite the movie. But she was also willing to participate in this bullshit. Livid.

Rant over.


Book shelf tour

I have not recently gone through my second bookshelf but I have organized the first one and will share pictures of them.

I did get rid of a handful or so but I will probably skip out on listing them. At least for today. I do apologize for any blurriness or poor lighting.

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The fate of the furious *movie review

I am so happy to be caught up on this movie series. I have enjoyed them all since they started. Its so unfortunate to have Paul Walker in them anymore due to his death.

Dom and Letty are my favorite couple.

It’s crazy about the whole hacking thing but it isn’t completely impossible with as much as we rely on technology.

I gave this 5/5 stars. Loved it.

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The knights tale *Movie review

4/5 stars

I had never seen this before and it really was a nice, fun watch. Heath Ledger was a good actor and I even though I didn’t like the portrayed character, Rufus Sewell is also talented. Rufus also plays in “the man in the high castle ” which is a series I have been enjoying. Mark Addy is funny in this as he was in “Still Standing”.

I liked the historical part of knights jousting, the turn out with William and his father, and the music was good.

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October Wrap up

Abused: A daughters story by L.L Bartlett

Gluten Free Snacks by Nicole Hunn

Gluten Free Breads on a shoestring by Nicole Hunn

Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake

Swamp Spook by Jana DeLeon

Cemetery Girl by Charlaine Harris & Christopher Golden

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