T.v Show update [probably spoilers]

Here is some T.V shows I have been watching lately and where I am at.


I am still really far behind on this soap opera. Seriously, 24 episodes behind. I am forever thankful for DVR.

The earthquake having shaken things up (literally) is a little intense. Franco and Elizabeth, I am at the part where Liz finds out Francos secret and how they “aren’t okay. I do ship them, and think they are good for each other so I do hope they can get through this and have a happy life together.

Sam and Drew..its not that I don’t like them together..cause they are cute and all… but i absolutely 100% ship Sam and Jason. Team JaSam.

I can’t stand Nell, she is an absolute mess and a manipulative little bitch. Her teaming up with Ava, is disappointing but not surprising. I used to dislike Ava but she has done much better in her life choices. Ava and Griffin are good together. Nell’s plan to get to Carly is sick and she will get whats coming to her when Carly, Jason, or Sonny find out what is up.

Julian and Kim are cute. Will see what happens..

I may seem passionate in these feels …but I am totally invested in this show. I have been watching this for almost 10 years.

Anyways…whats next…


I just started this show ..just a couple episodes in. And I think its really interesting how the medical examiner solves the crimes.


I am almost done with S2. I believe I am on episode 20..? Anyways. This show is pretty funny. The final season is airing currently and its kinda sad. Lol

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A Closed and Common Orbit by Becky Chambers * Book Review

I really enjoyed this companion novel to ” a Small and Angry Planet”. I like the diversity, the writing, and the atmosphere (no pun) that these books create. I am absolutely looking forward to the next book this summer. This book had an interesting idea/twist that I honestly didn’t catch onto until the last 2 chapters. Then I felt silly for not catching it sooner. 5/5 stars.

Happy reading!

Goal Accomplished!! 40/40

I have reached my goal of 40 books for the year. Granted it is only April, so now its just to see how many I do read in a year. Last year my goal waa 40 (which I think I will leave as a standard) and I ended up reading 117.

Below will be the list of the ones I have read so far in case anyone wants to know.

I have also posted a small review for all of these books but if you want to know more of my thoughts let me know. I try to not spoil books or throw too much influence on a book. Each person likes different things for different reasons. I would like someone to read a book on their own feels and not mine.

Happy reading!!

The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld * Book review

Interesting audiobook..

A story of multi-perspective inmates of a prison. There isn’t much depth as to why they are there . There was no separation between characters aside from the story that an inmate was telling. It wasn’t bad…just.. weird really. I can’t say I would recommend this. I can’t even say I am disappointed because I wasn’t expecting anything going in.

2.5/5 stars

Happy reading