Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers Soul: Oscar the Garbage Can Kitty

The relation to this story. I brought home a rescue kitty to my mom. She was hell bent on No. Back track slightly, I seen an ad for a calico kitty. She was young but not exactly a kitten. When I got to this guys house to look at the little kitty, he was keeping her in the shed. In late winter/ early spring. His reason: she chewed on a plant. Well, when I called to ask my mom she said no. But I couldn’t leave this poor thing to the shed. I’d just rather my mom be upset and find the kitty a safe loving home.

And thats what happen. Within 3 days of bringing her home, she attached to my mom. And my moms heart melted to her, and named her Meme.

This cat had been so amazing for my mom. My mom is diabetic, and Meme has woken my mom in the middle of the night because she could tell my moms sugars were dangerously low. If my mom is hurting, she won’t let my mom get up. And even with this last situation of a dangerous infection after her sternum reconstruction surgery, Meme refused to leave her side even when the nurses were trying to evaluate my mom. No aggressive behavior, just stubborn in removing herself so my mom could do anything.

Whatever happen to her at her previous home as scarred her. She is very skittish and hides from most everyone. Including me for whatever reason I don’t know. Maybe she associates me with the bad place even though I saved her life lol. It doesn’t matter. She has a happy, loving, and safe home. Just like I promised her.

So.. when this stray made his way into the owners’ dads’ heart, and had a forever home. I was so touched. More tears. The feels ♡


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2 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers Soul: Oscar the Garbage Can Kitty

  1. Lovely story. We have 6 cats, 5 of which were rescues, they are all loved and settled with various levels of friendliness and fuss tolerance.

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