So , yay for life

Earlier in July my mom had to have surgery on her sternum. After she was home for a couple weeks they caught and quickly treated and infection that was developing into some serious bad news. She is on a continuous 24hr slow drip antibiotic until the beginning of Sept to make sure it is completely gone.

I have been busy with the house hold stuff, and being a mom, as well as running her up things she needs and bringing back the laundry to return clean.

I love my toddlers, they are however, at that lovely age. Which with our sleeping schedule being off, I am so overly tired.

My reading has really slacked off. I have been taking the kids once a week to go pokemon hunting but I do get a fair amount of mindless gaming in my life lately. Sometimes thats what ya need.

Everytime I have tried to pick up something to read lately, it has been hard to stay focused, or even keep my eyes open at times. The feeling of being in a reading has had its presence. Last night for the first time in weeks, I was able to get in almost 100 pages of my ARC read.

Having been so long since I posted anything, I just wanted to give a little life update.

Happy Reading

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