Scarlet by Marissa Meyer *book review

The continuation of Cinder and her mishaps, while throwing in a twist for red riding hood. I am seriously all about the forbidden love that comes along for Scarlet. And for Cinder, I haven’t decided which I want to ship yet. But its cute.

4.5/5 stars is what I believe I gave it on goodreads. It was enjoyable and I have Cress checked via audiobook also and will be posting on that also.

Happy reading

Check out this book on Goodreads: Scarlet

Try a chapter challenge

1. Not going to continue. I don’t really know where the blame sits with this one, for a lack of better words. Allow me to elaborate. I just got done reading a Thriller that was really good. And the last Thriller I read before that, was absolutely awesome. I imagine this one has potential, I just got bored hearing 4 times in 4 pages home much this guy who I thought it said was her daughters father? Like…..okay. Lets be real. She probably has a reason. And if it comes to her CHILD, I can guess its good reason. However, I didn’t read enough in those 4 pages to make me want to spend my time finding out.


I didn’t even get through a whole chapter. Which happens often when I try to do this “try a chapter” challenge. I read it a couple days ago and forgot to be specific, I just know I wasn’t feeling it. I must admit though, I didn’t have high hopes because honestly picky about Vampire stories. And I have to be in the mood. I like Charlene Harris… and I did get to book seven of Laurell K. Hamilton “Anita Blake” series. But no interest in Twilight.

To each their own

That’s all for now.

Happy reading!

Sadie by Courtney Summers ARC Review

This was a good Mystery/Thriller. The last 50 pages or so were not what I expected but it an intense, page turning, what happened..kind of way. The format was interesting with interviews and phone calls during the podcast. The POV alternates between the podcast host, and the missing girl Sadie.

There is at least the trigger warning of sexual abuse of children. It is not described in detail but there is hints in evidence while the search is going on. Please be mindful of how this may effect you.

Overall the writing was good, the plot, characters also were developed and grew as time went on. I don’t really know how to put my thoughts into words for this book.

I give this 4/5 stars

The book Releases Sept 4, 2018.

Please let me know if you do decide to read this.

Heads up.

I have 2 Anthology type books I am reading.

Which as I read each story I will be posting my thoughts on them, and the book as a whole after its finished.

Summer Days and Summer Nights: Love Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins

And Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul by Jack Canfield

I will try to schedule them out so there is at least one everyday for awhile but hey, whatever. Life is busy and nobody is perfect.

Happy Reading

Book Goal 2018

I had originally set my goal for 40 books this year. Which is a fair number with no pressure in my life as a mother and caregiver. After I had reached my goal, I surely wasn’t going to stop reading of course, I bumped my goal to 80.

Here we are with 4 months left of the year and I’m sitting at 70 books. I may or may not reach the goal. Will just have to see what happens between here and Dec. 31st.

Happy Reading and good luck on all your reading goals!

So , yay for life

Earlier in July my mom had to have surgery on her sternum. After she was home for a couple weeks they caught and quickly treated and infection that was developing into some serious bad news. She is on a continuous 24hr slow drip antibiotic until the beginning of Sept to make sure it is completely gone.

I have been busy with the house hold stuff, and being a mom, as well as running her up things she needs and bringing back the laundry to return clean.

I love my toddlers, they are however, at that lovely age. Which with our sleeping schedule being off, I am so overly tired.

My reading has really slacked off. I have been taking the kids once a week to go pokemon hunting but I do get a fair amount of mindless gaming in my life lately. Sometimes thats what ya need.

Everytime I have tried to pick up something to read lately, it has been hard to stay focused, or even keep my eyes open at times. The feeling of being in a reading has had its presence. Last night for the first time in weeks, I was able to get in almost 100 pages of my ARC read.

Having been so long since I posted anything, I just wanted to give a little life update.

Happy Reading

July Wrap up 2018

There was quite a few graphic novels read this month. I enjoyed all I read. Mostly Morning Star. I liked the prequel comic as well by Pierce Brown. The artwork was well done to me.

I will be taking a break from Iron Gold by Pierce Brown to just, recoup and recover from everything in Morning Star.

I’m browsing and chapter trying some fluffier reads. Nothing heavy or intense…hopefully…will see. Yay mood reader problems.

Happy Reading ~

Morning Star by Pierce Brown *Book Review (may contain spoilers)

I have enjoyed this series so far. I understand it was supposed to be a trilogy, but book four is out and book five is out in the next six months or so.

The world and setting through each of them has been easy to visualize, the terminology easy to follow, character roles and flow. Absolutely blown away by the emotional rollercoaster that works for this series, hands down. I can’t praise or recommend this enough to everyone and anyone.

If that’s all you want to know..and that I gave it 4.5/5 stars. Then that’s great, but this is where you will want to leave if spoilers are not your thing.























Spoilers and feels and such…..

This whole book was intense for me.

Antonia getting away, and the chase ending when Victra caught her. Claiming ships and all its glory.

Cassius being hung, and sevro voluntarily hanging himself to prove a point.

Victra asking sevro to marry her.

Sevro getting killed.

Feeling the betrayal from cassius.

Then cassius not actually being a traitor to Darrow

The whole fight against Aja.

AND SEVRO COMES BACK TO LIFE. I was so happy about that.

So much blood and chopping and stabbing!!!!!

Bombs on luna being detonated.

The jackal getting his tongue ripped out.

Mustang being sovereign.

When they come to Earth and shes been testing Darrow, BECAUSE SHE HAD THEIR BABY!!!!! holy moly. Omg.

I need my light fluffy read now. Iron Gold has to wait cause my brain just can’t.

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Happy Reading ~