Inferno by Julie Kagawa *book review SPOILERS

What an absolute adventure this has been. I understand that this isn’t going to be for everyone, and that perfectly fine. We all have different reading tastes (thankfully).

That being said, if you have not read the previous four books to this then please go do so.

Talon, soldier, rogue, and legion. In that order if I remember right.

Not far into this book they are summoned by someone who is not part of a corporation on either side of the war that is going on between Talon and Rogues Riley, Ember and ex agent Garret.

The one thing from these books that I absolutely appreciate is that its not heavy in unnecessary details. If they have to travel a long distance, at the end of one chapter, the next chapter is them there and doing what they need to do. I can understand even a little bit more detail, but I personally don’t need to travel the long travel with them to the middle of nothing. To each their own, and each story is different. Sometimes I like a bit more details.

In this book the dragons need to ally wih the Order so they can save the breeder dragons. Which is a risky mission to begin with, the facility being on an island. Also because most of the Order still wants to kill dragons in general and their mission has always been to kill dragons, as well as finding the breeder facility and kill those dragons.

So they have to work together on this mission and it is not easy.


They were able to complete the mission of not only acquiring a prototype rifle, but also saving the breeder female dragons with minimal fatalities. They decided to stay together a little long in the event that talon retaliates which of course they do.

Dante, who is not my favorite since book one, finds out how important he isn’t in the company for the Elder Wyrm. He is being used as a tool and maybe he will save his sister in the end…. maybe.

The big ancient dragon we met in the beginning of the book, does he hold up his end of the deal?

Can jade bring in dragons?

Can misty find more baslics?

How well will the breeder dragons a d hatchlings fight in this war.

Im only 68% at this moment and those are the questions I have.


Of all the things that made me not like Dante through this whole series, I think he redeemed himself when he tried to save Ember from the Elder Wrym and lost his life.

I have yet to finish it at this point but I am really close. I would have finished tonight but I didn’t have access to my headphones for the time I had to listen. There is tomorrow though, and then I can wrap up my thoughts.


The order and the rogue dragons were able to defeat the Elder wyrm and thats great and all. But where the hell is the 300 yo dragon who was supposed to come in and help them after they rescued the breeder dragons?

I have 20 pages left and seriously frustrated that it hasn’t shown up during even the weakest moments of the elder wyrm to finish her off.

I think it would be interesting to have another book to maybe show what happens after and how it comes to the conclusion with talon and the order.

Ember and garret, mist and riley..

If concluded well enough but I would like more lol.

5/5 stars

Happy reading

Check out this book on Goodreads: Inferno

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