Talon Series (Julie Kawaga) Review SPOILERS

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I went into this completely blind, and absolutely randomly through my library online selection.

Ember and Dante are a rare set of twins. The are Dragons, and their lives are destined by a corporation called Talon. They are taught that humans are bad, killers, and intend to wipe out the whole population of dragons. Ember and her brother are living with, if memory serves me right its an Aunt and Uncle, and each sibling gets taken to 2 seperate facilities for different training.
Dante has more leisure office type training but Ember has an “evil dragon lady” with no name. Training Ember how to not only be on the defense of being hunted, but also the hunter.

Garret is a human point of view who has been brought up with how evil dragons are, and the top soldier is his whole order for his age and skill set when it comes to killing dragons. His fire for killing dragons is from being told that his parents were killed by dragons. So his goal set when he arrives to the little beach town is to find the dragon (there was a different name for her) and kill her on sight. Period.
He tries to blend in, and he has suspisions on who the dragon girl is but he has to do more snooping to see if he is right. Finish the task and move out.
When he meets Ember, he is trying to get to know her and decides she cant be the dragon because she is NOTHING like the Order has made dragons out to be. He obviously falls in love with this fun and beautiful girl.

And Ember seems to have feelings for him also. HOWEVER… Riley comes in the picture. For some reason I dont really remember the entrance of him specifically but I know that they go flying and Ember loves it since she hasnt been able to spread her wings in so long. Of course Riley is way cute and sweet too and so she likes him as well, even after finding out he is Rogue. Ember does learn why he went Rogue and believes him, and more so after she hears from a couple of hatchlings that had showed up and told her their story. Where undesireable dragons go when, as well as female dragons.

Riley convinced her to go Rogue as well, and when she tried to get her brother to go he declined and I think he sold her out to her trainer who was a big deal Viper. The best in bringing rogue dragons in and killing other dragons for treason and lesser offenses.
Garret has developed feelings for her and then learns shes the dragon girl he is supposed to kill. And he cant do it. He saves her life.

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This one is Embers life now that she is rogue. Garret had saved her life and now he is on death row for treason. Ember convinces Riley to help her save Garrets life. Dante is set on a task to bring his twin back, and he is in such disbelief about it all that it must have been the rogue dragon to tell her lies for her to go and side with an enemy then her own family.

Garret no longer wants to be a part of the Order and what they believe in.
This love triangle of forbidden love is addicting. Embers human side calls for Garret and her dragon side calls for Riley.

Garret does have a hard time with seeing Ember and Riley interacting and decides to go and spy on his former operatives to see what he can learn for the next plan of action.

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Garret is making progess in his spying, he was stopped by someone who thought he was with Talon. The conversation is tense between them even more when she finds out that he used to be with the order and killing dragons, though reformed.. It turns out this dragon is an Eastern Dragon and agrees to help him. Jade and Riley have opinions about each other and their kinds.
He discovers that Talon is hiring the Order to take out rogue dragons and making the order believe they are real enemies and not just dragons who dont believe in the same things as the corporations wants them to. The only way to get anyone to listen to Garret in the Order is to meet them face to face so he finds his old partner and shows him evidence and convinces him to help him get in. Tristan agress and they fake his capture. He gets in front of everyone and the patriarch who obviously declines that this evidence is real, and wants to fight to the death. They dual and Garret wins, to be shot in the back by the patriarch (who ends up getting shot to death per rules of the dual, and he dies).

Garrret almosts loses his life when Riley saves his life by offering his blood for the transfusion. Now they are on the run and the Order is in chaos.

In this book Ember discovers that Riley is her life dragon but wants to be with Garret, whom is the one she picks to be with. She doesnt tell Riley this information right away and when she does hes so upset to not be picked.

Dante has met his and Embers mother, who made them for her own purposes. Talon has created clone dragons to fight against the Order in hopes to wipe them out completely, and placed Dante in charge of the project so that he can prove he is worthy of the heir.

Ember agrees to come back in order to save Garret and Riley just to have Dante turn his back on her after sedating her dragon. She also meets her and Dantes mother and learns that she was created to be the vessel so her mother can live longer. They plan to erase her memories from her brain and place The Elder Worms memories inside ( the mother) so she can have a new body.

Riley and Garret are rescued by Mist who then helps them to save Ember just in time of course. They decide to part ways enough to see if they can get the Order, or whats left of it, to fight with the rogue dragons against Talon. Garret is able to convince the Order to work together with the rogues, and Ember convinces the rogues to work with the Order to beat Talon and its clone dragons.
There is no set victory or defeat at the end of this but I cant wait to find out what happens in Inferno. Which I have a hold on and should be ready for me to listen to in less then 2 weeks.

As a whole:
I like the world building, the characters, and the plot.

I would give this series a 4/5 stars and plan to update this after I listen to Inferno.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Reading.