The fate of the furious *movie review

I am so happy to be caught up on this movie series. I have enjoyed them all since they started. Its so unfortunate to have Paul Walker in them anymore due to his death.

Dom and Letty are my favorite couple.

It’s crazy about the whole hacking thing but it isn’t completely impossible with as much as we rely on technology.

I gave this 5/5 stars. Loved it.

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The knights tale *Movie review

4/5 stars

I had never seen this before and it really was a nice, fun watch. Heath Ledger was a good actor and I even though I didn’t like the portrayed character, Rufus Sewell is also talented. Rufus also plays in “the man in the high castle ” which is a series I have been enjoying. Mark Addy is funny in this as he was in “Still Standing”.

I liked the historical part of knights jousting, the turn out with William and his father, and the music was good.

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Me before You * Movie Review

I didn’t read the book first. Its really a hit and miss when I read the book before a movie adaptation. If I do one, I don’t usually do the other. But if I do, it has to be the book first. Which makes movies very challenging to figure out what I’m going to watch..

3.5/5 stars

I have heard very polar opinions about this. Its a love or hate. At least about the book. The movie was cute and lovey but made me cry too (its easier to do with movies then books for me).

Wasn’t a 5 star movie for me or anything mind blowing but its a little interesting and easy to get sucked into.

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Thor: Ragnarok *Movie Review

I don’t really watch a lot of movies, this one looked interesting despite not having seen any other relative movies to any other marvel characters.

It had some really intense parts and the ending was awesome. I could possibly rewatch it, which also doesnt happen very much for myself. (I cant tell you how many times I have seen Trolls, Moana, and Coco… yay for kids)

4.5/5 stars

Trolls *movie review

So. Many. Times.

Have i seen/heard this movie…

With my oldest toddler. The music is fun and its really cute. The little toddler likes poppy too.

I think a moment between 2 Main trolls at the skating rink is kinda..weird..for a kid movie..but nothing super questionable.

I don’t however like the mini series whatever its called that is also on netflix, as well as the holiday one. Drawing a line in the sand for now. My girls are 4 and 2 (almost) and some humor/language is not appropriate for them.

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Jurassic World * Movie Review **spoilers**

First off, The cast was really good. I didn’t care for the character of “Hoskins”, but thats okay (he also plays in L&O: C.I).

I honestly have not seen any of them but maybe the first one, shortly after it came out. The acting was well done, the storyline was intriguing and I really liked most of the special effects.

That being said though,  I don’t know if Owen and Claire have had previous encounters other then working together… but when she saved his life and they kissed it was connection. Cliche, I know,  but it wasn’t ridiculous kissing either. It was a pleasant kiss that wasn’t…ugh mushy ‘suckin’ face, or a cheap quick peck. It shouldn’t  be a big detail.. I catch things like that often. I liked how it developed.

Zach and Gray did a good job at being brothers. That sounds weird saying that but the annoying little brother then protecting him and telling him he will always protect him. The feels (at least for me).

The action of the movie was good. When that TRex came out i was like OMG!!! Im curious really what happen with all the dinosaurs that got out… they never showed anyone actually leaving the island, or aftermath with the dinosaurs and everything in general. It just kinda went ..well the beasts faught and then still loose on the island but injured are seeking medical attention..the end.

Overall i would give this 4/5 stars.

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Movie Review: Beauty and The beast (live action)

I loved this movie so much. It followed really close to the original with a kind of musical mixture and some new songs (unless I just don’t remember them in the original animation). The visual effects and sound was awesome. I cant wait for it to come to On demand and Netflix so I can watch it 5+ more times. Emma Watson was amazing as belle and the guy who played Guston (sp), though a self loving douche, did an excellent job. It was done so beautiful.