September/ Emojiathon Wrap up 2018

I think that this month was decent in reading. I’ve been getting some stuff done for the wedding and just been a little stressed out. Battling some anxiety off and on. Life in general.

I also participated in the emojiathon this year which is by far my favorite readathon.

I will share my bingo card here and probably the link to see the challenges because i wrote on mine.

Hope you all also had a good reading month, and sending well wishes your way.

Happy Reading

Try a chapter challenge

1. Not going to continue. I don’t really know where the blame sits with this one, for a lack of better words. Allow me to elaborate. I just got done reading a Thriller that was really good. And the last Thriller I read before that, was absolutely awesome. I imagine this one has potential, I just got bored hearing 4 times in 4 pages home much this guy who I thought it said was her daughters father? Like…..okay. Lets be real. She probably has a reason. And if it comes to her CHILD, I can guess its good reason. However, I didn’t read enough in those 4 pages to make me want to spend my time finding out.


I didn’t even get through a whole chapter. Which happens often when I try to do this “try a chapter” challenge. I read it a couple days ago and forgot to be specific, I just know I wasn’t feeling it. I must admit though, I didn’t have high hopes because honestly picky about Vampire stories. And I have to be in the mood. I like Charlene Harris… and I did get to book seven of Laurell K. Hamilton “Anita Blake” series. But no interest in Twilight.

To each their own

That’s all for now.

Happy reading!

Try A Chapter Challenge #1

This seems really cute, and I would like to pick this up another day but I’m not really into this type of read right now. (Mood Reader…yay)

I really appreciate going into books blind.

This book I am about to share with you, I wasn’t really getting a vibe for. Honestly not doing well with completing chapters here lol! But I can’t keep reading a book I can’t get into.

So here it is

SmartSelect_20180527-005510_Google Play Books

Happy Reading

(Jan) 31 day challenge: day 22- 28

Day 22:
Demon Seed: 86 pages

Day 23:
Demon seed: 84 pages

Day 24:
Demon Seed: 135 pages

Day 25:
Every heart: 11 pages

Day 26:
Every heart: 97 pages

Day 27:
Noisey poems: 43 pages
Dead wood: 59 pages
Total: 102 pages

Day 28:
Dead wood: 27 page
Cursed: 48 pages
Ms. Marvel vol 1: 86 pages
Hunger: 24 pages

Total: 185 pages

Weekly total: 700 pages

YTD: 1,559 pages

Happy reading

(Jan) 31 day challenge day 15-22

Day 15:
Brother Sun: 5 pages
Hunger: 37 pages
Total: 42 pages

Day 16:
Dead wood: 2 pages

Sea of Cortez: 10 pages
Total: 12 pages

Day 17:
Sun and her flowers: 40 pages

Day 18:
Sun and her flowers: 60 pages

Day 19:
Sun and her flowers: 5 pages

Ms. Marvel Vol 1: 22 pages
Total: 27 pages

Day 20:
Every heart: 21 pages

Day 21:
Mother: 12 pages
Where/sidewalk: 10 pages
Every heart: 17 pages
Total: 39 pages

Weekly: 241 pages

YTD: 859

Happy reading

(Jan) 31 day challenge days 8-14

Day 8: 0 pages

Day 9:
Chen-chen ~ 4 pages

Day 10: Read but didnt keep track so scrapped it

Day 11:
Chen- Chen: 40 pages
Little you: 15 pages
Echo echo; 36 pages
Total: 91 pages

Day 12:
Winter Bees: 38 pages

Day 13:
When Thunder Comes: 44 pages
Ms marvel vol 1- 17 pages
Hunger- 6 pages
Shoes tight: 47 pages

Day 14:
Dead wood: 93 pages

Weekly total: 340 pages
YTD total: 479 pages

Happy Reading