Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul: My Mother’s Cat

WW2 stories always get to my heart. This one was in Hungary with a young child whos mother died during childbirth and then the dad who died in war. This child inherited an orange cat from their mother.

They were constantly traveling and avoiding air raids by hiding anywhere they could. The child never, not once, would leave the cat behind. He never tried to run, and was such a comfort during the scary times.

Then before they could make it to the United States, the cat died. It was sad and touching the devotion they had to each other.

Not many stories I have read in the Historical fiction bring in any animals. Maybe I have just happen to miss them. I’m not sure where these books sit on the non/fiction category but that’s okay because I like them anyways.

4/5 stars

Happy Reading

Summer days and Summer nights: The end of Love

My first read of anything by Nina LaCour

Friendship, f/f love, camping… whats not to love?

Its been awhile since I read this one also but I do know I really liked it. There was math tutoring.. and divorcing parents so..those were my favorite parts lol but it didn’t break the story of course. It was well written and felt like real feelings that those who love math (not me) or parents are getting divorced nicely (my parents didn’t have this nice of a divorce but it wasn’t super nasty either).

The teacher having a picnic out the classroom window in the middle of class…..was u expected and maybe not necessary to add. Meh.

3.5/5 stars

Happy Reading

Summer days and summer nights: Heads, Scales, Tongues, Tails.

Leigh Bardugo sucks me into whatever she writes. A beautiful story of magic and love. I loved this story so much. Its been a little while since I read it, but this is how I want to break down the Anthology books I read. Review them by each story instead of a whole book. And then maybe once I finish the book, give an overall review and rating. This will just be easier to keep my thoughts together with so many different stories.

This story was a 4/5 stars for me.

Happy Reading

Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers Soul: Oscar the Garbage Can Kitty

The relation to this story. I brought home a rescue kitty to my mom. She was hell bent on No. Back track slightly, I seen an ad for a calico kitty. She was young but not exactly a kitten. When I got to this guys house to look at the little kitty, he was keeping her in the shed. In late winter/ early spring. His reason: she chewed on a plant. Well, when I called to ask my mom she said no. But I couldn’t leave this poor thing to the shed. I’d just rather my mom be upset and find the kitty a safe loving home.

And thats what happen. Within 3 days of bringing her home, she attached to my mom. And my moms heart melted to her, and named her Meme.

This cat had been so amazing for my mom. My mom is diabetic, and Meme has woken my mom in the middle of the night because she could tell my moms sugars were dangerously low. If my mom is hurting, she won’t let my mom get up. And even with this last situation of a dangerous infection after her sternum reconstruction surgery, Meme refused to leave her side even when the nurses were trying to evaluate my mom. No aggressive behavior, just stubborn in removing herself so my mom could do anything.

Whatever happen to her at her previous home as scarred her. She is very skittish and hides from most everyone. Including me for whatever reason I don’t know. Maybe she associates me with the bad place even though I saved her life lol. It doesn’t matter. She has a happy, loving, and safe home. Just like I promised her.

So.. when this stray made his way into the owners’ dads’ heart, and had a forever home. I was so touched. More tears. The feels ♡


Happy Reading