Try a chapter challenge

1. Not going to continue. I don’t really know where the blame sits with this one, for a lack of better words. Allow me to elaborate. I just got done reading a Thriller that was really good. And the last Thriller I read before that, was absolutely awesome. I imagine this one has potential, I just got bored hearing 4 times in 4 pages home much this guy who I thought it said was her daughters father? Like…..okay. Lets be real. She probably has a reason. And if it comes to her CHILD, I can guess its good reason. However, I didn’t read enough in those 4 pages to make me want to spend my time finding out.


I didn’t even get through a whole chapter. Which happens often when I try to do this “try a chapter” challenge. I read it a couple days ago and forgot to be specific, I just know I wasn’t feeling it. I must admit though, I didn’t have high hopes because honestly picky about Vampire stories. And I have to be in the mood. I like Charlene Harris… and I did get to book seven of Laurell K. Hamilton “Anita Blake” series. But no interest in Twilight.

To each their own

That’s all for now.

Happy reading!