Dune Movie Adaptation

Honestly, with this movie, I was really unimpressed. In the comparison to the book, I fully understand that it will not be as in depth. For example Harry Potter movies are decently long and dont cover every little thing. Thats fine. But Dune was lacking so much more in the movie, and it was only half the book. Where it left off was such not a cliffhanger for me. I was really disappointed.
I would probably rate the book, 4/5 stars. the movie, a low 2/5 stars. Hopefully if there is a part 2, that its done so much better.

I am currently reading, and almost done with the second book, Messiah, and not sure what the whole point with this book is, but its, I read it was more of a filler book anyways between the first and third..Not sure how true that is.

Have you read this series?

Have you watched the movies?

Lets discuss.

Happy Reading ❤

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