Let’s be real

I don’t like the new WordPress very much… part of the reason I haven’t been using it. Another factor is I’m hardly reading. I have read maybe 10 books this year. Very unlike me.

I’m grieving. I lost my grandpa whom I was close to and I’m just kinda really struggling. This virus has been no help even though we have stayed inside unless needed for groceries or apts though most have been through the phone/video.

Life is just rough right now but I’m hanging in there. Got a Nintendo switch lite in April and got animal crossing, minecraft and spyro. Has really kinda helped keep my mind busy when I need it.

Kids are well, husband is good, my mom is struggling with her health and coping with my grandpa (her dad) being gone.

Hoping 2021 is less chaotic and challenging to get through.

Sending positive vibes to you and yours. ♡

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