The obsidian Throne (Book 1 of the midnight kingdom) by Lavender Ocean – DNF

I have come to the appreciation of the “preview” button goodreads sometimes offers on books. It’s not all of them so I’m guessing it’s by choice or the author.

I decided to hop on the laptop and give a browse.

So far:

The Obsidian Throne: Book one of the midnight kingdom by Lavender Ocean.

The synopsis was interesting already mentioning Greek mythology and then the credits mentioned the P.O box for the Author was in SLC, UT which is my state. So I’m totally vamped and putting some hype into a book I know next to nothing about.

I’m not sure if these are short stories by music artists or other artists really. Or if they title of the chapter is inspired by a song…I have no idea what’s going on right now, but I do know the Hades like figure in this first rough to like. “Don’t mind my wife, shes practically a teenager. We married when she was incredibly young. I like to keep things spicy “.

Um…ew. I kinda threw up in my mouth a little.

The attitude of the main character is not likeable to me.

I just dont think I’m going t be able to enjoy this book. I’m glad it’s just a preview and not a purchase. I’d be upset.

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