Y’all… I’m still struggling

With getting into a reading groove.

I have tried reading a chapter of books I get for free from amazon.

I have tried to start books I have that I am still so excited to read.

I don’t reread books

I don’t read classics.

Everything and nothing sounds good to read at the same time.

I even has book mail and an ARC sent to me to review by july and a couple approved through netgalley.

Is animal crossing part to blame? Yes, but only for the last 2 weeks.

Not for 6 months to a year. I love reading and I love the feel, smell, and adventure.. but it’s not where my head is at.

In trying to not stress it because that wont help.

Anyone else struggling?

One thought on “Y’all… I’m still struggling

  1. Oh no! I was totally struggling from December to March but April I made myself read 10 pages every day and now in May, just picking out books I want to read, i am flying again.

    I have found though that as soon as I’m not enjoying a book, I put it down.

    I did do some rereads in April, I know you said you didnt do rereads but maybe give it a try?


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