Reading slump blues

I’ve been super struggling with reading lately. I don’t re-read books, I don’t read classics. I’ve tried to read a chapter or two of books in and out of my comfort zone. Of most any genre. And frankly I have tried all formats available to me.

It’s kinda frustrating and discouraging but hopefully it doesn’t last. Especially being stuck in the house.

I did not finish a single book in February or March.. but I’ve decided to start late on the O.W.L.S Readathon hoping it helps to get me out of this funk.

My career I picked is Astronomer so I need 3 classes. Arithamcy, history of magic, and astronomy. A book that’s not my favorite genre, a book with witches, and read mostly at night. So far I have picked a book that I think might have a witch that’s not specifically called a witch, and I have read it mostly at night.. I’m about 20% and that’s actually the most I have read in so long.

Here is to hoping it works and I can get back to reading.

Happy reading

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