ARC – The G.O.D Game by Danny Tobey * Spoiler Free Book Review

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Dark Thriller

Page count: 495

Release Date” January 7, 2020

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Possible trigger warnings

  • Hint of abuse concerning two different characters. One from a parent, and one from a boyfriend.
  • Point of view: Multi
  • Attempted suicide

Synopsis photo is a screenshot from goodreads.

I love getting book mail any day, but the unexpected ones are probably my favorite.

I am a little unsure if this falls into a YA type thriller based on the age of the characters.

It’s a little bit of a slow start, but not super slow. It is paced enough where it kept me interested and then about halfway through it picked up a little more.

It does, but doesn’t, have religion. Pretty spot just the power of God, but also makes reference to Greek gods also. It’s really hard to explain but I am not one to read anything that really has religion in it.

Dark technology with a huge ego and dangerous power.

Happy reading!

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