Blown cover by Mark A. Hewitt -DNF

I have accumulated a sh*t ton of books on my kindle fire and apparently I have also got paid attention to the order of the books or liked it enough to get anyways in case others of the series pop on for free or cheap. That’s how this happens. (Goodreads is no help in this case. I had to google it)

This book, is book 4 in the duncan hunter series. Which it starts out interesting so I didn’t really want to give it up. But I can’t start a series in the middle. And the other 3 didn’t sound interesting to me. And even seemed a little deceiving on what it was about. Is it a historical fiction or a political crime like thriller. I’m not into military type books tbh so I’m giving this one a pass.

If anyone has read that series, can you let me know what you thought of it?

Happy reading

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