its been awhile

It has been a long minute since your girl here has been on here reviewing books or anything else for that matter. I have finished three books in June and have not really had anything to say about them. One of them was a cookbook I went through on candy making, and there was a few things I found interesting, and a handful of recipes to mark for later use. I think there was an audiobook in there, but it was a slow month.

Its a little disappointing because there has been a couple of readathons I was looking to participate in. Obviously that didn’t happen, There is a few books I have started, and I am even enjoying them. However even though I want to read, and am enjoying what I am reading, I don’t understand whats going on.

My mom will be having surgery on July 9th to take of the issue with her sternum. It is not at all a pleasant thing to talk about other then I do hope that this surgery will improver her quality of life and minimize the pain that she is in everyday.

There is a bit of stress with that and being a mom and keeping on the house work. I must say I honestly have been spending more time playing video games then reading, as its a different release I suppose. With all that though this is why I try to set my reading goal managable and easily achievable. I reached my original goal of 50 books and though I would like to read 100 books there is no pressure and no rush. It is what it is.

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