Do I have that book- Challenge.

There is a video Here and Here

I didn’t time myself and I didn’t go through both book shelves.

1. Book with decaled pages.

2. Book with 3 or more people on the cover

3. Book based on another fictional character

4. Book with 10 letters in the title

5. Title that starts and ends with the same letter

6. Mass market paperback

I don’t know if I have one for this

7. Written by an author with a pen name

8. Characters name in the title

9. Book with 2 maps in it

10. Turned into a TV show

11. A book written by someone originally famous for something else.

I don’t have anything for this one.

12. Clock on the cover

13. Poetry Book

I did have one for this but I gifted it to my sister for Christmas.

14. Award stamp

15. Written by an author with the same initials as you

(Maiden name initials)

16. Book of short stories

17. Book between 500-510 pages long

I have bigger or smaller, nothing in between

18. Turned into a movie

19. Graphic Novel

I don’t own any of these

20. Written by 2 or more authors

Happy reading !

16 thoughts on “Do I have that book- Challenge.

  1. really cool challenge and i am guessing i have many(all) of these between my real and my ebooks but not sure if i am up to actually going through them.. so maybe will just keep it in mind and check off books as my eye catches them and when all is done, post it πŸ™‚

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  2. This is so cool, sadly all my life I have been reading ebooks. Just started reading paperbacks last August. So, I don’t own that many.
    Anyway, I loved your post😍😍

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    1. I dont see why you cant do it with ebooks. I didnt time myself i just wanted to see if i had any of them. Books are books and reading is reading. Let me know if you decide to do this i would love to check it out.


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