All rights reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

Trigger warning: Suicide

This book was really interesting. I listened to it via e-audiobook

Words and gestures are now copyrighted and you have to pay for them.

This talks about one girls life change when she she turns 15 *the age they start to charge*, and her choice to be silent.

In this futuristic world, you can’t do really anything without agreeing to some sort of “Terms and conditions”. So anyone who decides to be silent has to rely on family and friends to provide for them. Any form of communication under the copyright.

Nodding or shaking your head, writing and so on. There is a way to monitor this as you will find out if you decide to read this.

Scary to think of how easy it would be for our society to fall into this way of life down the road.

I have never read anything like this and I really enjoyed it. I also have the next book through my library as an e-audiobook and I wonder how this duology is going to wrap up. (I think its just a duology.)

If you know of other books that are like this, please let me know.

5/5 stars

Happy reading!

Check out this book on Goodreads: All Rights Reserved

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