Soldier by Julie Kagawa *Book review

Bool 3 in this saga and its not disappointing. Its more of the soldiers back story but it still has the multi pov perspective from Ember, Riley, and Dante as well.

This series as a whole has been pleasantly entertaining having gone in blind, and I have been able to literally read nothing else and have plowed through almost the whole series in a couple weeks… just saying.

Forbidden love trope

Love triangle.. and such a difficult one. I like her with both. I can’t pick a team here. Whoever is wooing her I’m just like “YAAASSSSS GIIRRRLLL” and it literally goes back and forth. Its a mess.

I’ve started book 4 which is more…decisive on who…but not..still at the same time. And I’m about 25% ish through the audiobook.

I have book 5 on hold, its unreal how much this series has consumed my life right now. Being sick with season crap has definitely dampered my reading the last 3 days. I can possibly still finish book 4 before the end of the month.

Which puts me at a good place for my reading goals.

Wrap up coming soon!!

Happy reading

Oh yes.. 4.5/5 stars

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