Life Underwater by Matther J. Metzger *Blog-a-long/review* SPOILERS

*trigger warning* anxiety

I appreciate and respect the usage of pronouns for the trans character. I can’t say it does or doesnt have proper representation. The problem I have with the main character is absolutely a personality thing. They both kinda do, but Ashraf more.
Another thing I struggle with is the whole “teacher/student” situation and the excuse that its okay because they are not HIS student, or a student of HIS teachings so it can’t be a power thing. The age gap, I was a little confused on it if its a seven year difference or twelve.

I think this book has a lot of potential and I am going to do my best to get through it but I am not enjoying this read at all yet.

So I understand that it can come a cross like she has issues with their sexuality, and maybe I misread it, but the complaint was about the relationship between a student and a teacher. Not their sexuality, not the age, gender, etc.

The little girls pronoun for uncle/aunt being Ankle is truely adorable.


Jamie being able to help Ashraf with the hydrophobia was pretty awesome. I do like the two of them together and though there is still some things that bug me, it wasn’t a bad read.

I would give this about a 3/5 stars..

Happy reading

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