Dear Martin by Nic Stone *Blog-a-Long* SPOILERS

  • *Contemporary A Thon * Feb 11-17, 2019

I have the audio-book checked out from the library and want to get it done first. So for that reason, I am starting this a little earlier. I am going to be writing my thoughts down periodically as I listen to it.

6 pm 2/10:
Justice was trying to help a friend who was drunk, and making sure she didn’t drive. I don’t recall her name specifically but that she is an ex girlfriend. It might have looked sketchy but the officer was out of line for how he treated Justice. I was happy to hear they let him go.

“How different would it have been if I wasn’t A black guy”

Ch. 2:
I don’t really understand why Justice decided to go back to his ex girlfriend. The same one who got him arrested for helping her not drink and drive. Manny has a seriously relative and legit reaction.
I was shocked to heat that the cop who gave Justice a hard time, was shot and killed by Mannys’ cousin.
I like how they are discussing the equality rights in class via open dialogue. It does have a tendency to get out of hand if not handled right.

4am 2/11/19
I have plowed through this and its such an important story. In my opinion, as powerful and important as The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas (which speaking of, I can’t wait to read her new release)

4.5/5 stars. Highly recommended.

Happy reading

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