Contemporary-A-thon wrap- up February 2019

This readathon was okay for what I picked out with my reading buddy. whom, I have no Idea how to tag.

My buddy for this readathon picked two books and I read them both. He has suggested other books that I am looking forward to trying.

His first pick was ” Dear Martin” by Nic Stone.

I felt that this book was in the same ballpark of importance as THUG by Angie Thomas. I posted a review with some thoughts.

The next pick was “Life Underwater” by Matthew J. Metzger.

I was a little mixed on how I felt through this book. I can’t speak for the representation, so I will leave that to someone who it represents better to state. I have a review with some of my thoughts on it also.

I was looking forward to the two picks of mine. However, I’m not sure what happen. I started to read ” From twinkle with Love”, and I think i had good potpotential. It was A cute storyline. And I understand that it’s YA, however, I felt Twinkle was petty, and juvenile.

I read when Dimple met Rishi” and I liked it enough. But I felt this fell short from that. For mepersonally. My younger self would have liked this so much more.

The second book that I was eager to get to was the new Kasie West release. Fame, Fate, And the First kiss. I realy enjoy her books. They are simple, and predictable. They are usually what Itun to when I am in a bit of a reading slump. This time I just happen to have a Mood switch in the middle of this readathon. Joys!

The last book I was able to fit in was the graphic novel. I posted a review for this one also.

The month is Still young and I do have other books to read /finish, so let’s see how that goes.

Happy Reading

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