I am yours: a shared Memoir by Reema Zaman (Arc)

Release date Feb 5, 2019

Trigger Warnings: miscarriage, rape, emotional and mental abuse, eating disorder

The writing is nice, and it’s an interesting read. The stories at each age, the relationships. I just dont feel like this book is for me. It does appear to be a culture that I am unfamiliar with. Parenting is hard so i can understand part of where the parents are coming from in the beginning.

I almost feel like there was some low confidence with being overweight and its a real thing people are hard on themselves about in general.
I liked the quote “mai pan rai” (nevermind, just go with the flow).

There is a mentioned here and there of an eating disorder, anorexia.

I don’t like how her uncomfortable feeling with a male cousin is brushed off by her father like “boys will be boys”. No sir, responsibility, its a thing. Not cool with that attitude.

The emotional and mental abuse from her husband is asinine. It drives me up the walls.

I am more able to deal with this as a memoir and its happened versus something that someone chose to make a character go through..

This memoir is really kind of hard emotionally at times. But I admire her strength.

I do realize I requested this, but I didn’t realize how hard this book was going to hit the emotions at times. I do think I finished this because it was given in return of an honest review.

I’m kinda mixed and all over with this book but.

I would give it a 3/5 stars.

Happy Reading

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