The war outside by Monica Hesse *Book Review

Another historical fiction that I highly recommend. I don’t want to compare it to other books on a sense of “if you like ….then you will like this” because we all like or dislike things for different reasons.

Example. I hated gone girl. And when I see/hear “you will like …… if you liked gone girl”, then I am more likely to not read it. And some books compared to gone girl, I had already read before seeing that comparison and I couldn’t see the comparison. So.

Thats why I really don’t want to compare to this to other books.

I will add the other historical fictions I really liked were:

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosney

(Off the top of my head)

Which are great in their own ways.

I have a list of historical fiction I want to get to. It takes me awhile and I’m unable to read them back to back because they can be so emotionally draining and heartbreaking.

The ending of this book by Monica Hesse was more of a positive ending and some really hard choices were made for the benefit of others.

The relationship/friendship of the MCs was “unexpected” for them (but of course it tells you its going to happen in the synopsis)

Their families and events seem real and like I was there with them through the motions and the feels. The secrets and the devastation, as well as the joys of course.

Last note, is I wish/hope there is some sort of follow up story between them and how their families got past those events, and any contact they have. (There was small current day type notes here and there but nothing that concluded it enough for me.)

Absolutely 4.5/5 stars

Highly recommended for anyone who likes Historical fiction.

Let me know your thoughts if you read it.

(I did a buddy read and we plowed through it)

Happy reading

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