Quackery: A brief history of the worst ways to cure everything by Lydia Kang M.D and Nate Pedersen

I have not finished this book yet but its absolutely an interesting and quirky read. I literally can not recommend this book enough it seems like. I have annotated it with sticky notes but it does have to go back to the library. sad. I wanted to mark things I liked in it to talk about but I remember that I am really not that great at doing that and even less so when it comes to being a non fiction vs a fiction.

It talks about so many different things that were practiced by people who both did and didn’t practice medicine. My favorite part of the book was the Element section. This where they talked about elements off of the periodic table and how they were used and how a majority of the time but not all the time, that people died from it. This book really makes me think “No wonder people didn’t live long back in those days.”

There are other sections that are also interesting. Animals, Plants and Soils (which is neat cause it talks about alcohol, tobacoo and opiates), Tools, and Mysterious powers. I am currently getting through the last two mentioned sections and then will be done.

If you decide to read this, please let me know so we can discuss it. I will be giving this book a 5 star rating I’m sure of it.

Happy Reading and thanks for stopping by.

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