House of Thunder by Dean Koontz *Book Rant.

The more I think about this book, it pisses me off. If this was the only book from him I had read, I probably wouldn’t pick up anymore of his, and then I would get rid of all the ones I have by him. Which is alot. Every time I see a book by him I pick it up because I have liked the other 2 or 3 books so much.

IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK thats okay. Whatever works for you is okay. I don’t like it and that’s okay.

This book was not even completely conclusive. How did we get from “if we are lucky we will make it to the US” , with love interest, to immediately basically “is the world rid of evil”

Ok. So they made it. Did they fight for their lives? Was there a struggle? What happen? Was the CIA waiting for them? Did they find out he was a double agent? Did they decide to be with each other forever?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEN between being on the boat trapped… to

oh we safe now. The end. Maybe its just me. But I’m not happy with this. Clearly.

The last psychological thriller I read was a little unfinished but mostly wrapped up with minimal wonders.


The pros? The plot and the twists were fair for it being a book of 1982. He writes well …

HOWEVER it is excessive in the racist remarks and how the small group of men who play this dumb experiment crap on the MC and her fiance was Jewish. How they treated him about it, and continued to taunt her with it much later… and the remarks towards her side from that…UGH get a grip on your fucking pen already and stop calling her a fucking slut/bitch. All because she was a witness to a murder and got them locked up.

She has a voice to. And she wasn’t afraid to use it. QUIT SHAMING HER. Fuck. And wtf did the trail have to do with the CIA job? When it was being explained by the “i couldn’t kill you because i love you” doctor….. a mess. Its a fucking mess of a book to me.

Im done ranting. Hopefully this clears the air for my brain.

Oh yes. I rated it a rough 2 stars

Happy reading.

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