The Diviners by Libba Bray *Book review (mention of trigger warnings)

I really loved this book as a whole. There were a couple of things I found that might be triggering to others who haven’t read it yet. So to get those out of the way ..

The triggers were: Rape, Animal sacrifice (more detailed than I cared to know about t.b.h)

Now. I loved the relationship between Theta amd Henry.

Henry being gay in that time period was something i was hoping would be dipped into a little more. (Maybe the next books)

I really like how the relationship between Evie and Sam is half testing the waters because of his feelings for her, but I like her more with Jericho. Despite Mabels feelings for Jericho.. I know. Its bad. But, you don’t go through what Evie and Jericho did in that house and not have some sort of connection coming out. Just saying.

I’m interested in the conclusion with the dream Evie has of her brother James.

Blind Bill has some interesting weirdness going on. .. uncle will… all of them really.

It was both well rounded in character and world building and I am so excited to read the next two books in the series.

Happy reading

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