Red Sparrow *Movie Rant

Ridiculous. *trigger warning: rape*

1 star

Imo: it was bad

I appreciate the warnings they have in place for movies. Like a trigger warning system.. and this had said there would be rape. Ok. I’m watching it at night when my kids are asleep because thats when i usually watch shows for me due to any chance or nudity, violence and sexual content thats not appropriate for them to see. Its mommy time.

I fast forward through the ridiculous scene and push play. Three times I did this. The movie isn’t even 2 hours long if I remember right, and I barely made it half way through.

THANKS for the warning. But seriously


Who wants really watch a woman get raped not once, twice, but THREE GOD DAMN TIMES?!?!?!

not okay. Seriously outraged by this.

Rape is:

  • not to joke about
  • A serious matter
  • Happens too much
  • Not entertaining
  • Complete bullshit

Im going to look up directors, producers and creators and no longer support them.

Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress and she is a powerful character despite the movie. But she was also willing to participate in this bullshit. Livid.

Rant over.

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