Cleaning up my GoodReads TBR

When I first signed up with goodreads, I was so excited to add books that it got out of hand quickly. As much as my TBR still grows, I have a lot of books to remove from it.

I know there is challenges to this and everything and thats great, I love doing those. BUT I am so tired and throwing this post together.

I can always add any of these later on if my mind changes again. I’m kinda weird.. I don’t do a “Spring Cleaning”, my cleaning fit is in the fall.

Sept 24th I’m taking a bunch of sh*t I have been needing to rid of.

Anyways…..(rambling) here is the books I removed from my goodreads TBR

I’m sure these books are good in their own ways but, I have limited time and a lot of books.

Happy Reading

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