February by Audrey Carlan *Book Review

I have not read 50 shades of grey. However, I have heard that this series blows that trilogy out of the water. With not having both to compare to. I can’t say either way. I do know this. These books so far had been hot and naughty sexy time. Not something to read just anywhere if you care about what you might say if your grandma or children ask you what your reading.

I think 4/5 stars is fair. I didn’t see anything wrong with the flow, characters etc.. Very short reads. Like.. roughly 100 pages.

I don’t read enough books like this to really say what kind of read it is without sounding prudish lol but it was definitely 18+ Mature audience detail on some of the sex scenes. I’m sure there are variations of erotica books out there for everyone. Whatever works with your comfort level.

Happy reading

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