Change of Fortune by Jana DeLeon *Book Review

This series is so funny. I can’t count how many times this books has made me burst in a giggle out of nowhere. No matter where I am. I can usually read the books in this series of hers in 1-3 days but this one took me longer because of other books in progress.

Louisiana Longshot is the name of the first one. (The review is on book 11, if I remember right)..

Her books remind me of a hilarious mystery. If you like reading Janet Evanovich then I’m pretty sure this series will be up your alley.

She has a series that is mystery/thriller which is just as good.

I give this book 4.5/5 stars. I was a bit disappointed in some of the comments that felt like there was some fat/body shaming. Though it was light and not a focus point, it is not okay. Nobody should be teased or made fun of. We are all different for a reason. This is not something the author has done before this that I noticed. And hopefully it won’t be an ongoing thing.

That aside I did really enjoy reading this.

I cant say a whole lot about this book without spoiling it.

Happy reading!

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