Bookshelf Workout Announcement

This is not a work out, dont worry, but it takes some effort all the same. Its me working out my packed bookshelf and deciding what to keep and what to unhaul. I am still new to links so you will have to venture to goodreads for any info on the books you are curious about.

Each post will have about 5-10 books that I will have decided on. Some I will be undecided im sure.

This is going to be only books that I physically own. I will do one for my ebooks separately.

All books unhauled will be put in the free little libraries around my routes. Also, please remember that just because I have chosen not to read it, does not mean you can’t read them.

Thats all for now. I will try to set them up to be a couple times a week they post.

Happy reading

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