Top 5 Wednesday

I am a member of a group on Goodreads called T5W. I want to try and blog my Top 5 of whatever the topic is, as best i can. I have no idea how to link via Mobile so go and look up tbe group, join, participate. Its fun. 

This week is Top 5 reading goals for 2018. Pretty seld explanatory. 

1. I set my goodreads goal to be 40 books again this year.

2. I want to make progress with my TBR in getting books completed and not just added

3. I will continue to give books either 3-5 chapters, or 100 pages before i DNF if unless its horribly bad.

4. I want to read to my girls more often then i have been.

5. No pressure,  and have fun
Happy reading 

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