Wicked by Jana DeLeon~ Book review 

I have been following this series of hers and i love it. Suspense/Mystery/Thriller. This book is the fourth installment and that cliffhanger has me aching to read book five. Im excited to have just gotten it for my birthday a couple weeks ago. 4/5 stars.

(Shay Archer Series by Jana deLeon)

1. Malevolent

2. Sinister.

3. Diabolical

4. Wicked

5. Unseen
*Miss Fortune series is highly recommended and there is 10 books*

1. Louisiana Longshot

2. Lethal Beauty Bayou

3. Swamp Sniper

4. Swamp Team 3

5. Gator Bait

6. Soldiers of Fortune

7. Hurricane Force

8. Fortune Hunter

9. Later Gator

10. Hook, Line, Blinker

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