Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo~ Book review.

I want to start this off with everything I have read by Leigh Bardugo has been great. So my expectations are a little high no doubt. To be honest I thought this started kinda slow. It seemed like it would be good enough to finish but I already felt a little let down. Then all of a sudden it vamped up and I could literally not put it down. 

The twist towards the end was only half surprising. I suspected the events to be an inside job, however the suspect was not who I thought it was. Wow. And it just finished off nicely. It wrapped up in a tiny little bow and I can confidently say I would rate this book a 4.25/5 stars. 

The next book of hers I have to read is the Six of Crows Duology . 

Happy reading!!

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