ACOTAR Trilogy Review

I loved this whole trilogy as a whole.

I didnt like Tamlin from the begining really. I didnt catch on to it being a retelling of beauty and the beast until i seen it in twitter a couple months later…seriously. For Feyre i really liked her story and how she grew from human to being made fae, and high fae at that.

When Her and Ryhsand (obviously knows she is his mate) come together as mates. The back story in the second book was beautiful and man..look out for the hotty toddy love making going on through a fair portion of it.

The third book concluded nicely. I didn’t struggle or strive through the first 300 pages, but then all of a sudden it hit all at once and then 4 chapters to go it ties it in a bow. Pretty intense, for me at least.

I’d rate this series as a whole so far, 4.5/5 stars

(Trilogy with upcoming companions?)

Thanks for reading

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