The first city by Joe Hart ~book review

This book is wrapping up the Dominion Trilogy. Basically the gender ratio for females went from 51% to 1%. What women are left have been locked into a facility for studies on how to improve the female population. I’ve really enjoyed this trilogy as a whole.

It is a multi perspective book. There is Zoey who is apparently some sort of keystone to the whole gender salvation. Lee is a guy she has strong feelings for. A captain that I can’t really remember his name .. Hashimoto…or something, who thinks he’s God’s and the world’s gift to recreating the women population.

This books is really hard to review and not think of things to say that won’t be spoilers.

The last 20 chapters were such page turners and I felt like the trilogy was wrapped up nicely. I honestly can’t review the shocking moments without spoilers. In my opinion it was a decent trilogy all around, top five for sure. I think it depends on your tastes in books.

Anyways. Thanks for reading

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